Product Overview

The Baleen Filter is a highly-efficient non-pressurised self-cleaning solution for separating solids from wastewater streams, and offers several compelling benefits and advantages over conventional systems. It was designed to overcome problems with traditional systems of treating industrial and municipal wastewaters, … Read More »

How It Works

The Baleen Filter uses a double act of high pressure, low volume sprays, one which dislodges material caught by the filter media, whilst the other spray sweeps the material away for collection. This process removes even the most troublesome of … Read More »

Product Name

The name ‘Baleen’ is the anatomical name for a particular whalebone belonging to the group of filter-feeding whales. The baleen is essentially the filter mechanism that enables the whale to collect krill and other marine organisms during feeding; whilst a … Read More »

Custom Design

The scalable, modular Baleen Filter technology and supportive components are custom designed to meet individual client needs. Solutions depend on the industry, and relevant occupational health and safety or process considerations, the application and treatment objectives, and expectations, and the scale and number … Read More »