Baleen Filter technology has proven itself in a broad range of applications.  The Filters can be used in many different stages of the wastewater treatment process, and in many different industries.

The Baleen Filter is able to absolutely separate suspended solids from any liquid based stream to 25 micron, and can be used for selective separation of suspended solids or other matter (such as oil, grease, blood or semi-aqueous constituents) to a specific micron rating.

Baleen Filters can be employed in pre-filtration for higher-level filter technology for reduced maintenance and operating costs, and may also be used in cleanup of backwash streams using flocculation techniques.

All of this is achieved with no blinding of the filter media, and no backwash streams are produced with seperated matter collected in a naturally de-watered or spade-able mass.

Treating Wastewater

There are generally three stages to treating wastewater, primary, secondary and tertiary, with each stage requiring some form of filtration or separation methodology. The Baleen Filter can be used at any of these stages: Primary treatment: to separate visible, settleable … Read More »

Industry Benefits

The Baleen Filter offers several important industry advantages when compared with many conventional screening and filtration systems. Use of the Baleen Filter technology offers enhanced clarification capability for “Best Practice” and ‘Cleaner Production’ advantages. Using the Baleen Filter can drastically … Read More »

Case Study by Industry

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