Company Overview

Baleen Filters Pty Limited based in Adelaide, Australia; with worldwide offices was incorporated in 1999 to commercialize an internationally patented filter technology, specifically designed for micro-screening suspended matter from water.

The Baleen Filter technology was a result of a successful four-year industrially applied Research & Development program, originating from the University of South Australia. The core commercialization requirements were completed in 2004.

Baleen Filters has received significant support from government and private organisations in commercializing this innovative technology and has been critically tested by numerous industries since 1997. It is in full time operation in numerous applications across Australia and Canada with each installation providing significant cost-saving and environmental benefits to its users.

The technology is based upon an internationally patented combination of clearing fluid dynamics and mechanical principles to instantly separate fine suspended solids from all types of water based streams.

The filter technology is now being marketed under the Baleen trademark and offers numerous competitive advantages over other technologies and approaches to water treatment available on the market.

Led by professional expertise in management, marketing, engineering and customer support services, the company also benefits from multi-national alliances in supply, marketing and sales. Formation of strategic alliances is a continual focus of the company and relationships are being sought with government, business, regulatory and industrial bodies involved with the environmental sector.